For your protection, consult a lawyer before you sign a purchase contract. The lawyer’s training and experience will help you avoid trouble. Not all lawyers have experience in reviewing real estate contracts, so its important to have an attorney who is well knowledgeable on the subject. 

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Buying a home may be the biggest single investment of your lifetime. Your life’s savings may be invested in this one venture.  Thus, it is extremely important that you, the prospective buyer, use the greatest caution in buying a home.

Seller Representation

Before signing, read the agreement carefully. The law usually requires judges to treat you as if you read every word of a document before you signed it, so you should try to read everything carefully before you sign a document.  Some of things that need to be negotiated and stated clearly on the contract are: who is responsible for paying the costs of closing, how long does the buyer have to inspect the home, who is responsible for repairing items that are revealed by a home inspection, is the Seller responsible for closing out any violations or unknown open permits on the property.  

These are just a few concerns that need to be addressed.  It is important to seek counsel prior to executing any contract.

The most important aspect of selling your home is the real estate purchase and sale contract.  Once the contract is executed, you have agreed to all of the terms and conditions and cannot be changed at a later time.  Detrimental provisions in the contract may not be corrected or avoided later in the transaction, so the best time to retain an attorney is before the contract is signed. 



When purchasing a home, you should request a ‘marketable’ title. Marketable title is title to the property free of any liens, judgments, and/or any other possible cloud on title. After proper investigation, our firm will be able to determine whether the seller is able to convey such a title to you. No one can advise you without a proper investigation.

​​Obtaining a Title Policy insures you that the property that you are purchasing has "marketable title". The policy continues in effect up until the date of selling the property as long as the title to the property has not been changed.  

But like any insurance policy, the coverage is no greater than as stated in the policy. Any policy can list matters substantially affecting title that are exceptions to the coverage and are not insured. It is important to have an attorney review all exceptions and advise you whether the exceptions from coverage listed in the title insurance commitment will be appropriate under the contract or detrimental to you when they are included in the final title policy.

Another type of policy, mortgagee’s or lender’s title insurance, protects only the holder of the mortgage and not the owner. You should not forgo owner’s title insurance coverage because your lender has its own loan policy. In fact, obtaining both the owner’s and lender’s title policies at the same time is not much more expensive than obtaining a single policy.

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